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Think Together, California’s leading nonprofit provider of expanded learning, afterschool programs, and school improvement announced the appointment of three new executive general managers to its top leadership ranks: Adriana Garcia-Kingston, M. Ed.; Johanna Lizarraga; and Stacy Galdamez.

Adriana Garcia-Kingston, M. Ed. will oversee Think Together’s Riverside, Orange County and Early Learning programs, which currently reach over 9,000 students in 16 school districts and one charter management organization. Garcia-Kingston has been with the organization since 2006 and has more than 20 years of education experience.

Johanna Lizarraga will head the organization’s operations in San Bernardino, Palm Springs and the Santa Fe Springs regions serving an estimated 12,300 students across 14 school districts. Lizarraga has worked with Think Together since 2008.

Stacy Galdamez will lead the South East Los Angeles, LA Metro, San Gabriel Valley and Bay Area regions, serving up to 16,500 students across 11 school districts and 24 charter management organizations. Galdamez has been working in expanded learning programs for the past 16 years. Stacy joined Think Together in 2011 as a Site Coordinator for Santa Ana Unified in Orange County.

Think Together partners with schools and communities to pursue educational equity and excellence for all kids. The announcement comes as Think Together prepares for a transformational moment in education. Bolstered by increases in state and federal funding, the expanded learning provider is projected to hire nearly 800 more program staffers this school year to increase student access to afterschool and early learning programs.

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People On The Move

Driven and Influential Latina Shaping the Expansion of the Small Business Ecosystem



People On The Move

By Josaline Cuesta, California Program Director, Small Business Majority & IEBJ Content Contributor

Based in Southern California, Xiomara Peña is currently the Vice President of Programs & Engagement at Small Business Majority, where she leads a team of 13 to drive the organization’s external engagement efforts and build visibility. Xiomara has grown into an executive position at Small Business Majority, so I sat down with her to learn more about that evolution and her thoughts on the future of the small business community. 

For nearly a decade, Xiomara Peña (Xio) has worked in various roles at Small Business Majority to ensure that entrepreneurs feel supported and empowered. To align with Small Business Majority’s mission, she has focused on lifting the voices of diverse small business owners to create an inclusive and equitable table that benefits smaller firms in underserved communities. 

She has been named one of the “Top 50 Women Leaders of Los Angeles for 2023;” showcased among changemakers such as America Ferrera, Kali Uchis, and Emeraude Toubia on a list of 100 influential Latinas shaping our world; and she currently serves on the Advisory Council for Support Latino Business, just to name a few of her accomplishments.

As the daughter of immigrant parents born in Honduras and Mexico, Xio knows firsthand the uphill battle many immigrants endure to gain the American dream. “My parents worked hard and were fortunate to be able to apply their entrepreneurial skills towards making a living,” said Xio. She grew up in low-income areas and became a single parent at a young age. But she also became a first-generation college student who hustled through school, being pushed by the example of her immigrant parents, who heavily touted the importance of working hard. “I take from these experiences and lean on them in my everyday work,” said Xio. She continues, “While some may describe them as barriers, they created opportunity and promise to me.” 

Indeed, many small businesses–especially those owned by people of color, women, and immigrants–encounter multiple obstacles to small business ownership due to entrenched discriminatory policies and practices exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the daunting consequences of the pandemic, Xio has always searched for the positives. She has been excited to witness the recent surge in new business formation among the Latino community and the pursuit of independent enterprises due to entrepreneurs seeking new opportunities to combat layoffs and cutbacks. “Entrepreneurship is a proven pathway for Americans from all walks of life to build an income, independence, and financial security for themselves, their families, and their employees. This path to finding independence has become even more essential for people in under-served communities who have been shunned by traditional access to capital opportunities.” 

Alongside the organization’s small business engagement team and other leadership, Xio works collaboratively to strengthen relationships with policymakers, small business owners, and organizations nationwide to amplify an equity lens in the small business ecosystem. She understands the power of community-based organizations and the strength of knowledge. Although she has worked with various small business owners and small business organizations across the country, her deep-seated work in California has given her a unique perspective on the true needs of Latino and Black small business owners who have faced systemic barriers to ownership. She has described these challenges as a “broken infrastructure that promotes chronic job loss, income instability, and a continuous cycle of poverty.”  

Ahead of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Xio is once again helping to lead innovative thinking and working to expand access to capital for under-resourced communities. Presented by Small Business Majority and powered by Support Latino Business, Xio will helm the 2023 #SupportSmallBiz Grant that opens on September 14 and will award four grant prizes totaling $2,500 each to eligible small businesses. This grant is a fantastic opportunity for Hispanic-owned small businesses to access the capital they need to grow and expand their businesses. 

Additionally, starting in September, Xio will take on more opportunities to fix the broken small business lending infrastructure by supporting a new partnership with Small Business Majority’s and Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF) to expand a network of responsible small business lending partners and assistance providers to support entrepreneurs nationwide. “Inequalities in the small business ecosystem have always existed, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic only exacerbated the barriers that have always been present and created even greater vulnerabilities for entrepreneurs, especially in the lending industry. Small business owners of color are huge contributors to our economy, and we want to be certain they have the tools, resources, and capital they need to thrive. I’m excited to help build transparency in this space and create sustainable generational wealth through entrepreneurship,” said Xio. 

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Health & Wellness

People On The Move — Claudia Medina Salazar, PA-C



Claudia Medina Salazar, PA-C Joins Optima Health

Claudia Medina Salazar, PA-C is the newest member of the Optima Health medical team.

“I’m excited to begin my career as a physician assistant alongside the highly respected and accomplished Optima Health medical staff,” said Ms. Salazar. “I look forward to gaining added insights into primary care while working with patients to collaborate on care plans that they can incorporate seamlessly into their everyday lives.”

Ms. Salazar received her BS in Biology from the University of California, Riverside and her MS in Physician Assistant Practice from the University of Southern California. Her path to the medical field was formed through personal tragedy.

“My dad passed from a heart attack when I was a very young girl,” explained Ms. Salazar. “Recollections of that experience made me very passionate about preventative health for myself, family and friends. Today, that extends to the patients I treat.

“So many chronic conditions that are prevalent today are rooted in the minor choices we make every day. I make it a point to address ‘little things’ that can lead to an improved quality of life.”

The mission of Optima Health is to improve the health of patients served with a commitment to excellence and to offer the highest quality patient-centered care in a caring, convenient and accessible manner. Practices are located in Riverside and Crestline.

For more information, call 951-788-0008 or go to

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People On The Move

Mountain View Services, Inc. Recognized and Awarded as Medium-Size Family Business of the Year





MVS, Inc. has been named and awarded by the Orange County Business Journal as Medium-Sized Business of the Year for Orange County and the Inland Empire at the 24th annual Family-Owned Business Awards.

This award recognizes MVS, Inc. and the Goodman Family for their business accomplishments, and contributions to our local community, as an Orange County-based family-owned business, with at least 2 or more family members actively involved in the business. Since President/CEO took 100% ownership of MVS, Inc., several of the Goodman family members, have joined their team, some of which, have supported MVS, Inc. for serval years.  Employed by MVS, Inc. are Eric’s wife, Roxanne Goodman as Finance Manager, daughter Vanessa See, as Marketing Manager, son Grant Goodman, as Social Media Manager; and son-in-law Mark See, as Internet Manager. Each of the 43 nominees for Family-owned Business of the Year, through Orange County Business Journal, range from restaurateurs to construction, to wealth management, all of which have a legacy that grows their roots and moves the needle in Orange County.

“The more people we meet, the more we can help.” – Eric Goodman, President/CEO, MVS, Inc.

“Together we can move mountains.” – Crystal Cook, Executive Director, MVS Foundation.

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