Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Riverside-based Start-Up Launches Crowdfunding Campaign with Premier Investing Website


Back Porch Homes raising capital to increase tiny home manufacturing capacity as it seeks to bring suburban-friendly housing solution to market.

Riverside, CA (October 18, 2019) – Back Porch Homes has partnered with Republic.co, one of the world’s leading crowdfunding websites, to give individual investors the opportunity to get in on the next big thing in real estate. Ironically, the next big thing is small … actually, tiny. Historically designed as highly-personalized, custom-built dwellings, tiny homes offer a solution to California’s housing shortage that preserves neighborhoods while increasing their capacity.

“Todd and I grew up in real estate and know how hard it is to get anything built in this state,” said Stephen McKee, co-founder of Back Porch Homes. “Our tiny home on wheels concept represents a solution that preserves neighborhoods and that can be deployed faster and at a lower cost than accessory dwelling units.”

Where accessory dwelling units can cost $150,000 or more and require twelve to eighteen months to permit and build, BPH’s new Companion model costs $50,000 and can be delivered in four to six weeks.

Bayer and McKee have already raised nearly $1 million from local investors who believe Back Porch Homes offers the best solution to their community’s housing shortage.

The partnership with Back Porch Homes part of Republic’s “Cities” initiative. Republic Cities selects high-growth, up-and-coming cities and targets local innovators and entrepreneurs with a

Back Porch Homes Launches Crowdfunding Campaign
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mission to build their communities. The initiative is led by Republic’s Vice President of Business, Shrina Kurani, herself a City of Riverside native.

“In the past two years, the City of Riverside has opened two incubators, two co-working spaces, is raising a venture fund and has received funding from the National Science Foundation for additional innovation ventures,” explained Kurani. “Back Porch Homes is the first company we’ve identified with strong local roots serving the suburban market often left out of innovation streams in major cities.”

BPH’s Republic campaign will launch Tuesday, October 22, at 9:00 AM PST and offers investment levels of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000. The campaign will continue until BPH achieves its goal of raising $700,000 and encourages interested investors to engage early while the opportunity is still available.

The campaign page is located https://republic.co/back-porch-homes and will be activated at 9:00 AM Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 22.


About Back Porch Homes
Founded in 2018 by veteran real estate investors Todd Bayer and Stephen McKee, Back Porch Homes is on a mission to make housing affordable for all. Central to the BPH value concept is the tiny home on wheels, a truly mobile and mainstream variant on the tiny home concept. BPH designs, manufactures and services tiny homes and advocates the adoption of housing policies that favor their use. More at www.BackPorchHomes.com

About Republic.co
Republic.co operates a family of businesses, including an investment platform that provides retail investors around the world with compliant access to curated startups and blockchain projects. Founded in 2016, Republic operates under U.S. equity crowdfunding regulations and is under the supervision of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Republic recently expanded beyond crowd investing with the introduction of Radar (a platform that connects founders with noted venture firms), a Republic syndicate on AngelList, and a tokenization advisory service, each as an independent business operation. For additional information, please visit www.republic.co, @joinrepublic and www.facebook.com/joinrepublic.

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