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Inland Empire High Schoolers – Get a Taste of Entrepreneurship this Summer for FREE!

Inland Empire High Schoolers – Get a Taste of Entrepreneurship this Summer for FREE!

June 9, 2020 — The UpStarters Virtual Discovery Camp for Summer 2020 is a very unique opportunity for high school students within the Inland Empire to get a Taste of Entrepreneurship from the battle-tested faculty of a TOP 35 Globally Recognized Entrepreneurship program!

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Starting June 22nd until June 25th, 2020. A 4-day virtual experience with CSUSB Entrepreneurship program to learn & explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship from our globally recognized program! LIVE sessions with entrepreneurs and guided experiences. NEW FOR 2020 – Improv workshop and Entrepreneur Insider Interviews in the HOT SEAT!

“When you have such great supporters and incredible, successful influencers and entrepreneurs from the across the Inland Empire ready and willing to mentor our future generations in exploring entrepreneurship it makes producing an event such as this a BIG win-win. This type of program, geared towards high school students, plays an important role in developing our future leaders of the region!” -Dr. Mike Stull, Academic Director, CSUSB Entrepreneurship & Director, Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE)

Who is this program meant for? FREE for all Inland Empire upper grade level, junior and senior class high schoolers to register and attend. The format of this intense insight into entrepreneurship is a 4-day virtual camp filled with video instruction, guided experiences and LIVE interactive sessions. Students will get 20 hours of entrepreneurial insights, develop skills to learn to Think Like an Owner™, discover how to launch their dream venture and what it means to live and breathe innovation!

“The future of San Bernardino County lies in the innovation and strength of its local workforce. For the young people throughout our County, learning experiences and programs such as this that help to propel career growth, discovery, and lifelong learning are vital. That is why it is so important to encourage entrepreneurship so that the youth in our County can create a future that is full of new ideas and great potential”.  -Curt Hagman Chairman, San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors

What can we expect? Through LIVE virtual sessions come and meet some current CSUSB students and alumni, hear about their college experiences, and learn some insider tips for getting the most out of your future collegiate adventure! You will also have the opportunity to engage with real, local successful entrepreneurs from different industries. You will get the chance to hear about their startup stories, ask them directly about their success methods, and soak up their influence – not a chance you get every day!

Is this STEM related? Students who have experience or are considering a STEM focused education can expect to gain an advantage with the UpStarters Virtual Discovery Camp delivered by the CSUSB Entrepreneurship program. The power to innovate – to use technical skills and knowledge to generate unique solutions – happens through the power, mindset and implementation of entrepreneurship! Establishing real-world advances from science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is a powerful catalyst for endless enterprising applications. Students must learn the skills necessary in how to bring those advanced STEM concepts from imagination to reality by means of innovative solutions – that is entrepreneurship!

What is the cost? Did we mention this is a FREE event for Summer 2020 (A $300 value)!

When is this virtual event? Starting June 22nd until June 25th, 2020.

How to sign-up: To register, visit to secure your seat today! To learn more about the UpStarters Virtual Discovery Camp 2020 visit

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